[c] Heavenly Warfare – Recovering Gifts [Sun 02 01 2021]

Pastor Ita Udoh
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Sunday: 2nd December 2022
Title: Heavenly Warfare: Recovering Gifts

• New Year Resolutions: How to handle bad beginnings and failed commitments.
• Why people lose efficiency in many areas of their lives.
• How to accumulate scriptures in your heart the most effectively.
• Music & the Church: The place of the birthing of new songs, and its typical mode of manifestation, in revivals.
• How demons can intercept and steal the answers to your prayer, and how you can triumph in such warfare.
• Good and Perfect Gifts [James 1: 17]: Is money one of them?
• Money and the Age to Come: What you should know.
• Needless Casualties: How many Christians have given demonic princes legal rights to afflict them.
• Is it wrong for Christian musicians to borrow tunes from unbelieving musicians, to compose new songs?
• Impatience: Why many are never positioned properly to receive answers to their prayers.
• What are the things that will stop you from recovering the gifts from Heaven stolen from you?
• Kingdom Productivity: Why hardwork is a necessity in making your God-given talent relevant.
• Bad attitudes that discourage growth and productivity in the area of your calling.
• Did you know? That your spiritual state directly affects the ability of the angels assigned to you, to function?