[b] Silly Sheep, Wily Wolves [26 12 2021]

Pastor Ita Udoh
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Sunday: 26th December 2021
Series: The Book of Ephesians
Title: Silly Sheep, Wily Wolves

• What does it mean to gather in His name? What is expected to happen when we gather in His name?
• New Songs: How they bring the much-needed fragrance to your communion with God.
• The different dimensions of new songs.
• What the Church is meant to be, and who Christians really are.
• The Seal of the Holy Spirit: Do we have most of what the Spirit has for us, or is there much more to come?
• The Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation: Why you need it.
• Sheep without Shepherds: Why the church is where it is today.
• Church Leadership Structure: Lessons from Moses.
• What are the attributes and duties of a Pastor?
• How to recognize wolves in the fold.
• Why people are attracted to false shepherds.
• Who is a spiritual father?