[b] AD 2022 – Time to Grow Up! [21 12 2021]

Pastor Ita Udoh
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Friday: 31st December 2021
Title: AD 2022: Time to Grow Up!

• How to develop a long-lasting relationship with God.
• How to relate properly with the spiritual authority you placed over you.
• Principles of Service: Lessons from Mary, Martha and John Mark (Luke 10:38-42, Acts 12:12, Acts 15:37-38)
• The danger of distractions and how to overcome them.
• Have you lost the presence of God? Here is how to recover it.
• Day and Night Seasons: Maximizing the day and handling your nights.
• How apostolic ministries are born.
• How to be positioned to hear the Word of God.
• How to measure your level of love and maturity.
• How idleness sets you up for a lot of avoidable problems.
• What attitude should you have when you pray?
• How to set achievable goals.
• Things to note for the new year:
– It is time to grow up.
– A major enemy to fight is Distraction.
– Take practical steps to recover all you have lost.
– Do whatever you hands find to do: Shun idleness!
– Self-discipline must be your lifestyle in all areas of life.
– Walk by what God says, and not by sight.