1. Peace Bradford

    I’ve tapped the play button. It’s changed but the time isn’t moving and I can’t hear anything

    1. Mfon Imoh

      Please are you on because am not hearing anything

  2. Queeneth Emmanuel

    Am finding it a bit difficult to make out the words as the audio is a bit unclear.


    Please will the audio record of the retreat be posted for download?

    1. admin

      Yes, the link will be sent out.

  4. andrew-blessing


  5. Samuel Otaka

    The audio is not streaming, what might be the problem. I have tapped on the play button, but the timer is not reading.

    1. admin

      Please refresh the page and make sure you’re not using MTN ISP, if you are, just switch your network sim.

  6. Nsikakobong

    It’s not playing

    1. Jess

      Lol. Use Chrome

  7. Miriam Emmanuel

    Please it isn’t playing

  8. Matilda Ekpo

    Are we still on?

  9. Nsidibe Reginald Macaulay

    Please, the audio is playing and stopping.

  10. Samuel N. Umoh

    This is going just good.

  11. Matilda

    Any questions? Send here as comments.

  12. Jess

    It doesn’t seem to work. Why?

  13. God’sfavour Akpan

    The live stream keeps pausing and then resuming after some time . Can that be fixed ?

    1. admin

      Please refresh your web browser or check your internet connection.

      1. God’sfavour Akpan

        Okay . Thank you

  14. Purpose

    I’m connected. First time. Glad to be

  15. Gaibo Tamunoemi

    Sorry please im tapping the btton but im not hearing anything